Long Black

Classic Hot Black Coffee

Rp. 30.000

Iced Black

Classic Iced Black Coffee

Rp. 32.000

Hot Cappuccino

Classic Hot Cappuccino

Rp. 37.000

Iced Cappuccino

Classic Iced Cappuccino

Rp. 39.000

Hot Caffe Latte

Classic Soft Caffe Latte

Rp. 37.000

Iced Caffe Latte

Iced Milky Caffe Latte

Rp. 39.000

Hot Hazelnut Latte

Caffe Latte with Hazelnut Flavor

Rp. 39.000

Hot Caramel Latte

Caffe Latte with Caramel Flavor

Rp. 39.000

Manual Brew Coffee

Please ask our Barista for Brew Method and Beans Origin that available

Rp. 37.000


Rp. 20.000